Limited Edition Room

Showing through November 15th


60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

Frederick the Great's wand is missing. The circus cannot go on without the magic show. Help Ziggy the Clown and his friends from the Freak Show to find the magic wand and save the day. You will find lots of fun and magic along your adventure. Truly an escape room like no other.

Some crawling and tight areas will be required by at least one member of your group.

This game requires a minimum of 4 people to play.



60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

The Haunted Great Outdoors takes place after the rock slide closes down Fall Mountain Campground. Those who survived left quickly... those who perished never left and have taken over. You and your team of ghost hunters have been tasked with the difficult job of locking away the ghosts at Fall Mountain so that the campground can re-open.

The Haunted Great Outdoors is a fun haunted themed escape room. Fun puzzles and adrenaline building jump scares make for a fun and exciting hour! 

The Haunted Great Outdoors is completely different from the The Great Outdoors in story and puzzles. Already done The great Outdoors? No problem, this experience is completely different. Never done The Great Outdoors? Don't worry, no knowledge of the previous game is necessary. 



60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

Enter into the world of enchanting adventures. You and your friends have become trapped inside the elusive Genie's Lamp. You must work together through her magic to escape. Don't let the magic set in for too long though or you will be trapped in there for thousands of years to come!


Escape Rooms


60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

Your all-inclusive camping trip at Fall Mountain Campground is confirmed! No need to pack your camping gear... the Fall Mountain Campground is all inclusive. When tragedy strikes, will you have what it takes to escape? Survive the trip and live to tell the tale!


Returningonce all of the Ghosts have cleared out on November 18th


60 MINUTES  - 8 Maximum Participants

In ancient Egypt, there is a tale of a powerful pharaoh by the name of Karbaza.  During Karbazas life he was said to have been searching for 7 mysterious stones in his quest to construct a device that had the power to change the world. He never completed this device and over time the legend of the pharaoh Karbaza and his 7 stones was forgotten. However, there is one man by the name of Dr. Cornelius Carter that believes he has uncovered new findings about Karbaza and his stones. What did he uncover? No one may ever know. Dr. Carter has recently gone missing inside of a pyramid in Abydos, Egypt where he believed he would find the answers that he was looking for. The pyramid is dangerous, with low oxygen and an array of traps, there is no guarantee that Dr. Carter is still alive. Luckily a brave team of researchers is up to the task and won’t let this mystery go unsolved any longer. Equipped with 60 minutes of oxygen you must enter the pyramid, find Dr. Carter and complete his mission. Can you uncover the secrets of Abydos?



60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

You and a group of your friends and family find a slammin' deal on a rental vacation home nestled deep in the mountains. You imagine all of the s’mores you are going to make under the stars with your loved ones and without thinking twice you book your stay. After all, how could this possibly be the worst decision you ever make?

​Shortly after arriving something doesn’t seem right. Is your life in danger? What is this place and what have you gotten yourself in to? Only time will tell…

Slaycation is a fun horror themed room. While there MAY be a few jump scares, there is also fun humor in the game. Perfect for groups of all ages... including kids and teens!



60 MINUTES - 8 Maximum Participants

You and your team of scientists have been assigned to a top secret government facility on the moon where dangerous experiments are being tested. What has started off as a normal day has gone terribly bad... a hostile genetic experiment from the Dark Sector has escaped! Lock down of the facility will complete in one hour. Unfortunately, facility lock down on the moon means complete annihilation. You and your team must complete a top secret project to escape before you are either blown up... or eaten alive!


Please visit our F.A.Q. Page for important information on booking your experience.


60 MINUTES - 10 Maximum Participants

As up and coming FBI agents you find yourself deeply involved in the legendary D.B. Cooper case. You are so close to finding his real identity and all of the missing loot. Solving this case will set you up in the agency as the ULTIMATE agent. Unfortunately, there is another team of agents hot on your trail. You must solve the case first... or accept that you will have desk duty for the rest of your career with the agency.

Sabotage is a competition room designed escape room. All groups of 6 or more will be divided to compete against each other in 2 identical escape rooms. 5 or less in your group? No problem... Sabotage is also a great single room (non-competition) escape room experience for smaller groups.



75 MINUTES  - 10 Maximum Participants - (4 person minimum)

Get prepared for the ultimate in escape room experiences! With almost 2000 square feet of puzzles and clues, Escape from Alcatraz is certain to WOW and amaze even the most experienced escape room enthusiasts. What could be better? How about 75 minutes to complete!

Your crimes have brought you to The Rock to serve your time. A life sentence in this dark hole is not an option. Escape is your only choice. Do you have what it takes to escape The Rock?

A minimum of 4 participants are required for this experience.  If you have a group of 3 or less participants, please call us to discuss booking your experience.

Please be aware that "Escape from Alcatraz" is an intense escape room experience. For this reason, this room is NOT recommended for children under the age of 14.