QUESTION:     What is the maximum amount of people permitted in a room?

ANSWER:           Most of our rooms are designed for a maximum of 10 people. The Legend of the 7th Stone has a maximum of 8.

QUESTION:    Is there a minimum age limit?
ANSWER:         In the Principal's Office, we allow children as young as 8 to participate without the help of an adult.  Groups of children only
                                  (under 18) MUST block the  entire room, with our $25.00 block-out fee, so that other groups do not book with them. In all other
children under the age of 16  MUST be accompanied by a paid participating parent or guardian. If your group includes
                                  children under the age of 12 you MUST block the entire room for your party
, with the $25.00 block-out fee. Groups with children
                                  under the age of 12 who are booked with another party will be asked to re-schedule their experience.

QUESTION:     I have already done the room. Can I do it again?

ANSWER:           You can. However, we ALWAYS request that you keep all rooms secrets to yourself and not to ruin the first time experience for

                                   others in your party. If you have participated in the room before your party MUST pay to block out all remaining seats in the    

                                   session. Those who haveparticipated in a room experience WILL NOT under any circumstances be allowed to participate with

                                   unrelated parties. 

QUESTION:     What if I have more than 10 people in my party?

ANSWER:          If you have more than 10 people in your group, there are some circumstances where we would be able to accommodate

                                   additional people inan experience. We are also able to schedule experiences at the same time so that we could split your party

                                   between two rooms. Pleasecontact our offices to see which would be the best solution for your party.

QUESTION:     We have less than 10 people in our group, and do not want to sleuth with others, do I have to buy all of the remaining tickets in

                                   theexperience so that we can sleuth alone?
ANSWER:          No. Unlike other escape rooms, we do not require for you to purchase all of the tickets for a private experience. If you wish for

                                   your experience to be private, and you have less than 10 people, simply select the option "Private Escape Room Experience"

                                   during check-out. A$25.00 flat fee will be added to your booking, and we will block out the remaining spots. If you want to

                                   sleuth alone, we highly recommend that you take advantage of this option. Our rooms regularly book out to full capacity. If you

                                   do not choose this option, you will very likely be paired with other participants.

QUESTION:     What can we do to best prepare for our experience?

ANSWER:          Arrive to our facility ready to play. Wear comfortable clothing, use the restroom prior to your arrival and have your thinking

                                   caps on!

QUESTION:     Is it ok to show up with more people than we originally booked?

ANSWER:          So long as by adding the additional participants you do not exceed the 10-person maximum per room, additional people are

                                   not a problem. You will need to pay for these additional participants when you arrive at our facility. Please contact our facility

                                   prior to your arrival to make sure additional space is available.

QUESTION:     We are running a little  late. Is that ok?

ANSWER:          Our games are booked on a very tight time frame throughout the day. It is important that all participants arrive on-time so that

                                   we can maintain this schedule for all customers. If you have a private experience, we will allow for you to arrive up to 10

                                   minutes late, with a phonecall to our facility. If you have not scheduled a private experience, we will do our best to

                                   accommodate your situation. However, we are not able tohold the room open for your late arrival if the other participants in

                                   your experience have arrived and are ready to go.

QUESTION:    How long can I expect to be at your facility>
ANSWER:          "The Great Outdoors," "Cyber Case," "The Legend of the 7th Stone" and "The Principal's Office" experiences are 1-hour. Our

                                   "Escape from Alcatraz" experience is 75-minutes. Please plan to arrive 15 prior to your scheduled experience for briefing and

                                   instructions. After your experience, we will be happy to explain any remaining puzzles.... that is if you don't escape, and will be

                                   taking your group photo. So, plan for an additional 15 minutes after your experience as well.

QUESTION:    What is your cancellation / rescheduling policy?
ANSWER:         Cancellations for refund must be made no later than 24 hours in advance of your experience. Cancellations of less than 24 hours                                   may berescheduled, but not refunded. Experiences rescheduled less than 24 hours before their booking time will be subject to a                                   $50.00 rescheduling fee. We plan and staff our facility so our customers have an amazing experience. We appreciate your 

                                  cooperation and understanding of this policy.

QUESTION:     Are your escape rooms family friendly?

ANSWER:          All of our rooms are family friendly and contain no inappropriate material or situations. However, one of the best things about

                                   our facility is that our escape rooms are quite immersive. The experience can be intense and sometimes stressful for young

                                   children.  We recommend allparents take this into consideration when booking "The Great Outdoors" and "Escape from      

                                   Alcatraz." If you are concerned about the participation of your child, "The Principal's Office" is a great experience for all ages!