Ages 8-18.

Come out and enjoy the ultimate ESCAPE this summer... on your schedule. 

Summer Escape Club... Membership Style... is perfect for:

- Families who plan to travel a lot over the summer or need schedule flexibility

​- Older kids who are not interested in the traditional summer camp program

- Kids who only have a couple of our rooms left to do

- Kids who are looking to do escape rooms with their friends this summer

- Kids who may want to participate only with people they choose

Members will have the ability to participate in escape room games over the summer. Games are able to be scheduled at their leisure, over the summer months, from our regularly scheduled game times. In this option, members can do escape rooms with their family, friends, or other escape club members. Membership gives them the option to participate with anyone, whether they are a member or not. With their membership they are free, those who are not members, but participate them, would receive $5.00 off per person!

Members will receive: Voucher for Escape Room admission to Any of our rooms, including our premium rooms (Voucher amount dependent upon membership level), Members only room stickers when they a complete room, $5.00 off per person for anyone participating with them, and 20% off North Valley Escape Room Merch!

Membership packages can be purchased in person at our location.